Cyber Insurability Assessment

A comprehensive monthly assessment to help you understand how you measure up to cyber insurance qualification requirements


Identify potential risks in your cybersecurity program that could raise premiums or even disqualify your cyber insurance application

Shape and scope security investment decisions

Prioritize areas of greatest impact to cyber insurance policy coverage and renewal

Align business with cybersecurity-related initiatives

ISA Cybersecurity leverages our partnership with SecurityScorecard to deliver the reports.


Cyber insurance is an important part of incident preparedness planning for many organizations, but coverage has never been harder to get. Insurers are setting stricter underwriting requirements, and premiums are rising – or coverage is being outright denied – for companies that cannot meet security and compliance standards.
Whether you are shopping for your first cyber insurance policy, or want peace of mind heading into renewal discussions, our confidential Cyber Insurability Assessment can help you understand how you measure up to cyber insurance qualification requirements. 
On a monthly basis, we provide a scorecard report, similar or identical to the one run by insurance companies, that identifies the areas that need to be addressed to help you qualify for new cyber insurance coverage or renew your existing coverage. 
Most importantly, our assessments can help you identify a roadmap for mitigating significant exposures that might result in cyber breaches and lead to insurance claims and reputational damage.

What's in the Monthly Assessment?

The report identifies issues in 10 major security categories

Network Security

Application Security

DNS Health

Cubit Score

Patching Cadence

Hacker Chatter

Endpoint Security

Information Leak

IP Reputation

Social Engineering

ISA Cybersecurity’s Cyber Insurability Assessment costs $995 CAD plus applicable taxes for a 12-month subscription.

Your subscription will be renewed automatically on an annual basis unless a cancellation notice is provided to ISA Cybersecurity in writing.

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